Breast Enhancement and its Dangers

Breast Enhancement and its Dangers

Breast enhancement is defined as a medical term to increase the size of breasts. This is usually done by way of medical procedures (surgery); the use of pills and drugs; and implementation of various exercises.

Women of different various ages are suffering from shame because of having small and saggy breasts, with that their confidence and self- esteem are greatly affected. Breast pills and drugs are present all over various markets, attracting women who believes that there is still hope. Also, surgeries such as breast implants and augmentations are on top of the lists.

Despite of different enticing information, are these breasts enhancement methods really safe? Negative feedbacks from different patients and institutions who experienced these methods stated that various complications can happen just after the surgery or even after several years of breast implantation. Furthermore, breast enhancement pills and drugs can pose adverse effects thus affecting wellness.

Implants such as saline and silicone implants have reported to have caused different complications such as infection, rupture, leakage, scarring, breasts pain, numbness of nipples, tissue death (necrosis), bleeding and even death.

Also, breast enhancement pills such as herbal pills interfere with prescription drugs resulting to toxic effects. Studies have also showed that these pills cause significant increase in estrogen levels thus causing estrogen imbalances.

On the other hand, to prevent complications and health problems, women choose to forget about breast enhancement pills and implants, instead they decided to find alternative ways of breast enhancement such as breast enhancement exercises. Exercises such as push-ups, butterfly press, pec press, wall- ups, and pectoral push –ups were proven to be effective.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have approved certain companies for producing reasonably safe implants. Studies have showed that the implants did not cause any complication or side effect after three years of implantation. These companies are Inamed (also known as McGhan or Allegan ) and Mentor. Nevertheless because of serious complications noted, FDA have required all implant manufacturers to study 80,000 women with breast implant for 10 years.