Education Program
HWCF looks at provision of education to orphans and vulnerable children. We also help in provision of school uniforms, scholastic material and lunch to children. The education program is divided into two major strategies, these include;
1. Heal the World Tent School Program.
This is a program aims at rural education, to rescue orphans and vulnerable children between zero stage to Primary four. We use tent infrastructure as shelter for classrooms. These children are later taken to affiliated schools to continue with school in higher classes. It is later after school that these children become our Heal the World Ambassadors at their district.
2. Heal The World Farm school.
This program mostly targets children who are school dropouts and is a practical field study program in our well established farms in the different areas of Uganda.

ICT Program
In the ICT Program HWCF is looking at making our children computer literate. In this time and age, it is important for all children to be computer literate as it is through computers and the internet that the world is running, in the struggle to close the digital gap between Orphans and vulnerable children.

Agricultural Program
HWCF aims at meeting the increasing problem of school dropouts who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, unskilled and unemployed. Under this project, the HWCF ensures community empowerment through agriculture transformation by giving agriculture inputs as a whole kit comprising of farm tools, seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals...read more

New Home Program
HWCF sets up new home for displaced persons. It is our vision to help save lives and provide shelter for the orphans and children in our different orphanage centers.

Clean Water Program
HWCF is looking at eradicating dirty water consumption in different communities. There are many children who die each year from diarrhea related diseases resulting from dirty water consumption. Through the Clean water program HWCF wants to put up safe water sources such as boreholes, storage tanks at center levels and schools so that children in these communities that do not have access to clean and safe water.

Legal Services
Free legal services are provided at Heal the World Child Foundation. We have a legal team of qualified and experienced lawyers who work with our children who have been exploited... read more