Types of Health Insurance coverage are:

Types of Health Insurance coverage are:

Healthcare Insurance Plan is a great resource for online health insurance quotes. Our great tools can help you find individual health plans, family plans, group plans, senior plans, student plans, Medicare plans, and Health Savings Accounts.

Just fill out our online form, we''ll provide you with free online quotes, you will be able to view and compare plans online, and find agents licensed with top rated insurance companies. If you have any questions about our website or the services we offer, please feel free to contact us.

Traditional indemnity plans, which are now often called fee-for-service plans, PPO, or Preferred Provider Organizations, POS, or Point-Of-Service plans, HMOs, or Health Maintenance Organizations, and HSA Plans.

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Aetna, Anthem, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant Health, Celtic, Coventry, Cigna, Humana, Golden Rule (United Healthcare), Pacificare, Unicare, Vista, More…

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Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, More…

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Even when you''re looking for information about insurance companies and want to find out more information about their benefits, compare rates and apply, we can help you. Our Health Insurance Plans helps individuals and families to get health insurance quotes and find more health insurance information.

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There are several ways you can find the right health insurance plan at HealthcareInsurancePlan.com We provide useful insurance finding tools to get coverage that fits the needs of what you’re looking for.

You will be able to search various benefit levels, view plan brochures, compare the best rates, get professional advice from local agents, print online applications and apply for coverage at your leisure.

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Start with the online form and request your free health insurance quotes in two steps. After completing the form, you''ll get comparable quotes and expert advice from state licensed health insurance agents. Based on health insurance quotes in your area, you''ll also be able to view plans online and apply for the plan of your choice. Getting quotes on our site means you have no obligation to buy, and it is absolutely free at HealthcareInsurancePlan.com

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You can speak to a licensed health insurance agent directly by calling the toll free number at the top of each page if you have questions or would like additional service. All you have to do is call the phone number to be transferred to an agent.

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Our provider search tool can help you find a health insurance plan professional based on your zip code. You''ll be able to choose your desired carrier and/or insurance plan and view doctors instantly that match your preferences and location request.

Our secure risk free services are absolutely free and you have no obligation to buy on our website. Here you can find free health insurance quotes, get advice from professional agents, and apply online with one click of your mouse. Thanks for choosing Health & Life Associates.

Health Insurance FAQ’s

Although you can compare plans and get free quotes, we also provide a glossary of health insurance information to answer many of your insurance-related questions or concerns.

In the FAQ’s, you can find everything you need to know about understanding your state insurance laws, insurance plan benefit terms and gain information on carrier underwriting.

Get quick answers about health insurance and read about health insurance coverages and learn about the common health insurance terms.

Definitions of Common Health Insurance Plans

There are many different types of health insurance type plans, it is important you understand the fundamental difference between these insurance company health insurance policies:

Traditional Indemnity Plans (Fee-For-Service) - Indemnity plans are not managed care, but the traditional form of health insurance. They are typically the most expensive, but offer comprehensive coverage.

PPO Plan (Preferred Provider Organizations) - PPOs are a form of managed care, but provide more flexible coverage among a larger geographic area than HMOs.

HMO Plan (Health Maintenance Organizations) - HMO is another form managed care health insurance. You get your care from a "network of doctors and hospitals” that are usually in a specific geographic area. HMOs are often one of the more affordable plans.

POS (Point-of-Service) Health Insurance Plan - A POS plan is a plan that charges for services and could be a combination plan.

HSA (Health Savings Accounts) Health Insurance Plans - Health insurance plans that are compatible with Health Savings Accounts are becoming more popular because of their low monthly premiums, major medical coverage, and a tax-free savings tool for health care expenses.

We also offer Medicare options are for people 65 and older. Please visit our senior insurance information page, where you can learn about Medicare, Medicare Supplements and more…

Health Insurance News Blog

You can read some of the latest news on our health insurance blog. On the blog, we offer provides news related to health insurance for consumers and employers. You can read up-to-date headlines and articles on healthcare and insurance nationwide.

Finding Your Health Plan

Healthcare Insurance Plan allows you to browse health insurance plans by state. When you search by state, you''ll be able to view the companies that offer coverage in your area and the different plans they offer as coverage.

The information we provide is state-specific health insurance information. Read all about your state''s health insurance mandates, laws and regulations, and get the contact information for your state''s department of insurance if you need it for questions or concerns.

You can learn more and get quotes about certain insurance carriers, search health plans by the nations highly rated insurance companies. You can research about health insurance companies such as Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, Anthem, Assurant Health, Celtic, Coventry, United Healthcare, Humana, Pacificare, Unicare, CIGNA, and more.

In our database, we offer a comprehensive list of all plans by each insurer listed. To view the information on an individual company, click on your state to view the brochures.

Now you''re ready to get free health insurance quotes and compare plans. To learn more about how health insurance issues visit our FAQ’s page or just call the toll free phone number, and don’t forget to read the latest health insurance industry news on our blog.